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Enésya Gallery is the result of the genius and intuition of Marco Antonacci, manager in the beverage sector. Being he himself a painter, he chooses to dedicate his life to art. The Gallery, since its foundation, has two objectives: the first is to stimulate artistic growth, giving each artist the opportunity to sell their works using Enésya portal, visited daily by dozens of Italian and foreign collectors. The second is to innovate the traditional means of fruition of the work of art: the first exhibition space at the gates of Milan is inaugurated and the rapid growth has encouraged the planning of a second opening in the city center. Enésya organizes collective and personal exhibitions, involving artists linked to some of the most important current artistic trends. In the first few months of 2019 we will participate in Affordable Art Fair, a trade show circuit featuring 85 of the most famous galleries in the world.

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